Proline 6318-02 Hauptzahnrad Stahl

Proline 6318-02 Hauptzahnrad Stahl

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This is a Steel Spur Gear for the PRO-MT 4x4. Pro-Line has a new upgrade part for the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4 - Steel Spur Gear! The Steel Spur Gear adds Strength and Durability to a very important part of your truck. The Steel Spur Gear is CNC machined from Hardened Steel and is Black Oxide Coated to avoid rust. The Steel Spur Gear has been narrowed compared to the stock gear to reduce weight and friction for smooth and quiet performance. This is a must-have upgrade if you plan to put insane power through your 4x4! Get your new Steel Spur Gear today!

6318-02 | Steel Spur Gear Upgrade for PRO-MT 4x4


Adds Strength and Durability to Your PRO-MT's Drive Train
CNC Machined from Hardened Steel
Black Oxide Coated to Avoid Rust
Narrow and Lightweight for Smooth Performance
A Must Have Upgrade for Insane Power Lovers
Direct Stock Replacement

What's Included

Steel Spur Gear Upgrade for PRO-MT 4x4 (1 pc)


Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4

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