RPM 80982 Scheinwerferkegel schwarz Slash Bumper+Universal

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Light Canister Set
fits the RPM SC10 Front Bumper
Our Light Canister Set for the RPM SC10 Front Bumper (#80952, #80953 or #80955) is designed to give the appearance of a Baja Desert Truck with its scale off-road light design. Each of its four lights is modeled after a full-sized, 6” off-road light. Each individual light comes with a light canister (or housing), a clear lens and a light guard.Our 4-light set also comes with a unique mounting plate that allows all four lights to sit centered in perfect symmetry within the upper and lower bars of our SC10 front bumper. The mounting plate uses the same three screws that attach the bumper to the bumper skid plate while keeping the lights recessed and protected by the upper and lower bumper bars.

Yes, the lights look simply awesome on the front of the truck but why did we make them? Well, we wanted to light up the night! That’s right, each of the four light canisters come set-up for a 3mm LED light (not included). Our instructions detail a very simple method to install a set of 4 LEDs in our canisters to carry the fun long into the night. Our calculations show that adding 4 - 3mm LEDs and tying the power source directly into the main battery pack creates a minimal draw of power but throws out a nice amount of light to keep the fun going as daylight draws to an end!

For the ultimate in scale-realism, there is nothing better than the RPM Light Canister set. They are available in classic black or bright chrome. Either looks incredible on the truck and adds the finishing touch to any concourse winning paint job!

What's Included: The RPM Light Canister Set includes: 4 - Light Canisters, 4 - Light Guards, 4 - Clear Lenses, 1 - Light Mount, 4 - M3 x 8mm Flathead Screws & complete instructions. RPM Bumper / Skid Plate sold separately.

Suggestions: If you don't want to build a set of LED lights yourself, There are several companies currently making drop-in light sets for the RPM Light Canister Set.

RC-Lights makes a drop-in kit specifically for our light canister sets using the main battery pack for power. Please follow this link to RC-Lights for more details. RC-Lights is offering $30.00 off any full LED lighting system to RPM customers. Simply mention the code 'RPM' at checkout.

RAMTech-RC also makes a drop-in kit specifically for our light canister sets. Please follow this link to RAMTech-RC for more details.

RC4WD makes a 10 light LED kit specifically for our light kits that uses the main battery pack for power. LED's are removable if you prefer to run 4 or 6 LED's instead of all 10.

Tech Notes: LED lights are not included. The RPM Light Canister Set can be modified to fit any number of applications but warranty restrictions do apply. See instructions for more details.

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