Traxxas 71076-3 E-Revo 1/16 RTR BL 2.4GHz +TSM +12V-Lader 1/16 4WD Monster-Truck VXL

Traxxas 71076-3 E-Revo 1/16 RTR BL 2.4GHz +TSM +12V-Lader 1/16 4WD Monster-Truck VXL

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Traxxas 71076-3 E-Revo 1/16 RTR BL 2.4GHz +TSM +12V-Lader 1/16 4WD Monster-Truck VXL

We Scaled Down Everything..Except the Power!
E-Revo Innovation, Precision,
and Performance-Now in 1/16 Scale!

30+mph Out Of The Box…50+mph All-Out!
NEW Traxxas Power Cell NiMH batteries with iDTM
NEW 2-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
Velineon® Brushless Power with new VXL-3m speed control
Powerful Velineon 380 motor-largest in class
Ready-To-Race® With Included Traxxas Power Cell NiMH Battery

A New Category Of Off-Road Excitement

Traxxas sets the standard for power, performance and innovation. Now, for the first time, all the speed, quality and capability you expect from Traxxas is available in 1/16 scale with the new 1/16 E-Revo VXL. At 14 inches long, E-Revo VXL is about half the size of the 1/10-scale E-Revo. But don't call it a "mini"-this is a whole new category of R/C performance and fun that no mere mini-model can match. Beneath the factory-finished polycarbonate shell, you'll find the winning suspension technology of the seven-time National Champion Traxxas Revo®, screaming Velineon® brushless-motor power, and the convention-busting innovation of the E-Revo.

Proven Traxxas Innovation

Class-Leading Speed

Velineon Brushless Power

Waterproof Electronics For No-Limits R/C Excitement

100% Ready-To-Race®

Traxxas Stability Management
[Micro Receiver, TQi 2.4GHz with Traxxas Link and TSM (5-channel) (#6533) (three-quarter view)] This Slash 4X4 is hard-loaded for ultimate performance and realism with the Traxxas On-Board Audio, new Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) and a low-CG chassis. Traxxas On-Board Audio delivers the full short course experience with the powerful and loud sound of a 900 horsepower engine ripping through the gears. While TSM and the Low CG chassis combine for a whole new level of speed and precision behind the wheel.

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) allows you to experience all the extreme power, speed, and acceleration that was engineered into the Slash 4X4 by making it much easier to control on common slippery surfaces such as loose dirt, smooth concrete, and even ice and snow. Punch it off the line and TSM goes to work sensing the vehicle’s direction and making steering corrections to provide straight-ahead full-throttle acceleration without fishtailing, spinouts, and loss of control. TSM also works during cornering, first making intuitive corrections to maintain your line, and then allowing you to hammer the throttle earlier in the turn for much faster exit speeds. Braking is dramatically improved as TSM works to keep you arrow straight until you come to a complete stop. TSM acts as your on-board co-pilot in the vehicle that “feels” what the vehicle is doing and makes corrections for vehicle movements that you cannot even detect, well before the vehicle gets out of control.

Traxxas TSM gives you all the benefits modern electronic stabilization has to offer without intruding on your driving fun. Traxxas engineers developed superior tuning algorithms that run on high-speed, precision electronic components to create a system that works invisibly, in the background, without ever limiting your throttle. TSM can be fine tuned (or turned off) for different surfaces by simply adjusting the multi-function knob on the TQi transmitter, or by adjusting the slider in the Traxxas link app. The result is that you are driving faster, with more ease, and having more fun,with that fully connected feeling at the controls that you expect. In fact, you may not even realize how much TSM is helping you until you turn it off and test your driving skills without it!

­ TSM - Traxxas Stability Management System
Traxxas Power Cell NiMH batteries with iDTM
2-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver
Ready-To-Race® with included 6-cell NiMH Power Cell battery with iDTM
2-amp DC Peak Detecting Quick Charger
30+mph with included NiMH battery,
50+mph with additional NiMH battery
Revo suspension technology for superior handling and control
Full-time 4WD
Velineon® 380 brushless motor-largest in class
Waterproof electronics
Torque-control™ slipper clutch
Sealed differentials
Realistic all-terrain tires with foam inserts
Patented Traxxas High-Current Connector
Metric hex hardware
Rubber-sealed ball bearings

MODEL 71076-3: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race® with TQ 2.4GHz radio system,
Velineon® 380 motor, VXL-3m electronic speed control, 7.2 volt NiMH battery,
2amp peak detecting fast charger, and ProGraphix® painted body.

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